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Загрузил Admin
Дата загрузки 4/2020
Размер файла 8 Mb
OC Windows/MacOs/Android
Язык русский/английский
Лицензия бесплатно


Important: This map uses an adf.ly Featured: Join the Minecraft Maps Discord to chat with Map Makers and Minecrafters! for the download. Just wait 5 seconds and click "Skip Ad" in the top-right corner to proceed to the map's download page. By using this link, you will directly support the map creator.

This is a fully functional Five Night's at Freddy's remake in Minecraft. Using a majority of the new 1.8 command features, as well as a combination of animated Armor Stands, I have recreated the terrifying experience of playing Five Night's at Freddy's in vanilla Minecraft.

This map may contain severe lag. This varies across a range of machines, you do not require a fast computer, but it can optimize gameplay (sometimes, this is not always necessary). Unfortunately this is out of my control.

  1. You are not supposed to move, so don't try to.
  2. YOU MUST have your 'Multiplayer Settings' (found under 'Options' on the ESC menu) set to: Chat - Shown. Opacity - 100%. Scale - 100%.
  3. Use the golden writing in the chat to move to different camera locations. To do this you need to press your chat button (default is 'T') and click on the location. You may not move instantly.
  4. Use the levers to shut the doors, preventing the animatronics from getting in, and turn on the lights outside your room, allowing you to see the characters if they are present (they can only be seen if the lights are on). You may need to press the levers more than once due to lag. Apologies.

Wondering how this works? Video tutorials on how to recreate the features of this map will be displayed on my Youtube channel: Reather Hellsong.

NOTE: This map will of course use a resource pack that shall be included in the map download.

  • This map contains sudden images and loud noises. It will be scary.
  • At the beginning of the game, you may experience what you believe to be a crash or your Minecraft freezing over, do not close your game. This is just the resource pack attempting to play the first sound.
  • Due to current laggy nature of Minecraft (especially under the stress I'm putting it through) it is completely normal to experience lag or slowness during playing this game IF you have a slow PC. Unfortunately this is completely out of my control. Apologies.

  • You must play in 1.8 or any version onwards.
  • The map is only Single Player.
  • Do not attempt to use commands.

This map is based on and uses sounds from Five Nights at Freddy's. It is a fan-made product.

PS: I fell out of my seat читы heroes of might and magic 5 tribes of the east and peed my pants every time i was jump-scared. ._.

1: if the Minecraft : EPIC WAYS TO DIE! - 10 WAYS TO DIE 4 - Custom Map night ends and the "Next Night" button isn't working

type /scoreboard players @p add Survived 1. you will have to enable cheats with the LAN button

2:logged out and cameras aren't there, Type /scoreboard players set @p Location 1, 2, 3, 4, for example "1" will be the show stage.

3:Spawned outside and "Start Night" isn't working, just reload while playing in 1.8

If your running out of power type /scoreboard players @p add Power (amount you want) then you can close the doors, turn on the lights, and listen to some relaxing music.

Cause I'm having some issues.

(I can't look through the cams)

(I pressed the "Start Night" Button and nothing happened)

Yeah, i cant get it to work in 1.11 either. I spawn outside of the map, i am in creative, and the start night button does not work. going to try 1.8

Cause I'm having some issues.

(I can't look through the cams)

(I pressed the "Start Night" Button and nothing happened)

Did you put the Folder/Map In the saves folder in the .minecraft folder. If yes, then i don't know how too fix it, as again sorry if it is yes, Bye.

After the intro however I ran into several problems. I went to the showstage and the characters sat there for a while before Freddy disappeared. I couldn't find him in any other rooms. So, I sat at the showstage and nothing happened for a good while.

Then, the games Featured: Join the Minecraft Maps Discord to chat with Map Makers and Minecrafters! I was on a server and kicked me out. When I attempted to go back into the map the whole game crashed. I relogged and the yellow text was missing from the screen, trapping me in the showstage.

funny thing about all the games your feet seem to have walked over a pit of superglue

its armor stands being teleported or deleted and added in diff places

You aren't supposed to see the redstone, but if you want to know how to do that part, have a look on top of the roof.

. Old foxy? This was the first game. foxy appears on night 2 and The animatronics do come to you're room if you're quick enough you can see them walking to door and then they Teleport and jumpscare you.

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